Raymond Architectural Design Office

Company Principle

Design Policy

Our design policy lies in creating the things following a natural flow, a much simpler, much more direct, much more economical and much more honest in approach, in accordance with the human scale.

Our Company Principle

Our principle is not to limit to create simple external shapes, but rather to bring to life as faithfully as possible, the gist of architecture which is to materialize correspondences between “Nature and Human Being” and “People and Society.”
From this principle alone comes the style that best characterizes Raymond Architectural Office, namely, reincarnate, the above principle in each and every building design.
In addition, this principle complies very well with today’s world, where the issue of preservation of the environment is being reconsidered, and where energy saving techniques are greatly demanded.

Company Profile

Company NameRaymond Architectural Design Office, Inc.
Address5-58-1, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
EstablishmentEstablished in 1921, Incorporated in April, 1950
Capital40 million yen
LicenseRegistered Architect’s Office Reg. No. 868
Scope of ServicesDesign and Supervision on Architecture (Architectural design, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering)
Design and Supervision on Civil Engineering
Regional (urban) Planning and Site Planning
Planning, Research (Investigation) and Consulting Services
Interior Design and furniture Design
Branch Offices

Osaka Office
Chugoku and Shikoku Office
Raymond Architectural Design Office in Vietnam:
Hanoi Office
Danang Office
Ho Chi Minh City Office

The Founder – Antonin Raymond

Raymond Architectural Design Office was established by Antonin Raymond. He has had a great deal of influence and achievement in the development of Japanese Architecture. We staff, inheriting his will, have continued to make advancement for a better and more excellent architectural design.
Next, let’s introduce the profile and achievements of the founder will be introduced in the followings.

Antonin Raymond and Frank Lloyd Wright

In 1919, Antonin Raymond came to Japan accompanying Frank Lloyd Wright to supervise the design and consultation for the construction of the former Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. In 1921, Antonin Raymond opened his architectural design office in Japan.
That is how Raymond Architectural Design Office Inc, started.
During the periods before and after the war, he spent a long time in japan, where he achieved many of his works. We, at Raymond Architectural Design Office, inherited his architectural and design philosophy, which we continue to perpetuate through original works.

Antonin Raymond’s Brief Personal History

1888:Born in Bohemia of then Austria (now Czech Republic.)
1909:Studied Czech Technical University in Prague.
1910:Goes over to America, and starts to work at Cass Gilbert’s Office in New York.
1914:Antonin marries Noemi.
1916:Antonin and Noemi work with Frank Lloyd Wright.
1917:Antonin becomes independent in New York.
1919:Antonin and Noemi come to Japan to supervise the construction of the Imperial Hotel.
1921:Establishes the American Architectural and Engineering Company.
1923:After Kanto Great Earthquake, he establishes Raymond Architectural Design Office.
1926:He is appoints to an honorary consul of the Czech Republic.
1938:He returnes to America and establishes his office in New York.
He opens a farm, and he uses it as studio and a home combined.
1941:He closes Tokyo office.
1948:After the war, he returns to Japan and reestablishes Tokyo office.
1952:He receives an AIJ Award (Reader’s Digest Building of Tokyo.)
1956:He receives a medal of honor from UIJ.
1957:He receives Award of Merit from AIJ.
1964:He was decorates with the Third Order of Merit from Japanese Government.
1965:He receives an AIJ Award (Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan.)
1973:He returns to New Hope, America.
1976:He dies in New Hope. Memorial mass services for late Antonin Raymond were held in Meguro Church.

Greeting from the president,

Raymond Architectural Design Office, established in 1921 in Marunouchi Tokyo after the architect Antonin Raymond came to Japan with Frank Loyd Wright in order to design and supervise the construction of the former Imperial Hotel in 1919, has a history of over years as an architectural design firm.

Since the establishment, Antonin Raymond has created many works as a standard-bearer of modernism architecture, including the Hoshi University, Tokyo Women’s Christian University, St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Karuizawa, Sacred Heart Schol Tokyo, The Reader’s Digest Building, Yasukawa Electric Headquarters Building, Gunma Music Center, Nanzan University. The philosophy Antonin Raymond advocates as a comprehensive art from is as follows, “Only the simplest, direct, efficient, economical and natural things have true and complete beauty “To this day, we still impart this to all employees as a company motto and make a lot of creations.

In recent years, in response to major changes in the social environment such as globalization and AI technologies, and diversity in architecture and urban environment, we will work on what can do to contribute to the expectations of not only our clients, but also the entire community by utilizing the capabilities and expertise that we have cultivated over our rich history.

President at Raymond Architectural Design Office, Inc.
Genji Sekiya